Women's Self Defense Seminar

Don’t be a victim…EVER and "Fight Back!”

SAVE the DATE: December 12th, Saturday morning at 11:30 AM - 2:00 PM


Women's Self Defense Seminar...Come one, come all!!! For you and/or your loved ones (Ladies Only- moms, wives, daughters, nieces) kids home for Winter Break before heading back to school OR college. Now with the holiday shopping around the corner, let us HELP you learn how to understand your environment & surroundings (Ladies ONLY ages 13 and older) Let's have the girls: Be PREPARED...Not SCARED

Give the GIFT of “giving”… groin kicks, punches, elbow strikes & more!

Join in on the 2.5 hours of FUN learning Self Defense combatives catered more to women scenarios. Learn defenses against common attacks that people are faced with in today's unpredictable world. You will get in a great workout meanwhile you're having FUN with the ladies learning Self Defense.

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